Whoopee animatronic
Whoopee is the mascot of Whoopee World. Whoopee is voiced by Jed Elinoff, and Whoopee 2 is voiced by Bill Hader.


Whoopee is usually seen in many forms around Whoopee World, from a guy in a Whoopee costume to stuffed Whoopee animals. There's also a Whoopee animatronic, which fans love and adore. When Whoopee is taken away by Randy and Howard in "Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2", Viceroy creates a replacement called Whoopee 2, who is mean-spirited and plans to destroy his predecessor. Thankfully, before Whoopee 2 can pull it off, Randy saves the original Whoopee and Whoopee 2 falls to his destruction.


  • He is similar to Chuck E. Cheese. 

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