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  • I heard this ride was totally terrifying.
  • I'm still shaking
  • What about you Randy?
  • Wow, you are so Hardcore!
  • I'm not a ghost!
  • I thought I saw something!
  • I don't know what happened we were walking home, eating candy and well.....that.
  • Theresa: Randy, what do we do?
    • Howard: Yeah Randy what do we do?
    • Randy: You guys get outta here 
    • Theresa: (sighs romantically) 
    • Howard: Get moving Fowler
  • It's raining McFizzles.
  • That is so the boo.
  • Everyday at lunch we play as monsters pretending to strike fear in the hearts of jerks everywhere.
  • And Slimovitz, this is for cancelling Twirl Team!
  • Julian don't you say it.
  • (Stanked) Klub
  • (Hugs Randy as the ninja) Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
  • It is pretty Shoob-tastic.
  • I guess Shoob is the new Cheese. Hey wait for me!
  • Hey. You wanna dance?
  • Forget it.
  • My Twirl Captain assured me this was impossible! [screams]
  • Hey, Randy!
  • Hope you don't mind. I'm gonna hang on to this 'cause, you know, (pointing at Morgan who is a demon dog) those.
  • Am I gonna get this back?
  • Come on Randy, let's follow Howard
  • Theresa: (scared) (whimpers) What do we do now?
    • Randy: (to Howard) Yeah hero, what do we do now?
  • Randy: (to Theresa) (scratches his head) Theresa I think you'd be safer with Howard, he's the (smacks hand to his face) real hero.
    • Theresa: (sadly) Really?
    • Randy: I'm afraid so,but, I'll be right behind you (whistles and walks away)
  • Are you sure you know where you're going?
  • He usually knows where he's going.
  • Ninja saved us!
  • (worried) What about Randy?
  • (romantically) Wow, Randy. You have the bruce-est moves.
  • (Stanked) RANDY, HE NAME RANDY!
  • Wow Randy that video's so bruce (brings out her phone) can I get a picture
  • Actually I was thinking like alone maybe
  • No I meant me and you
  • (Shrieks in excitement) See you around Randy
  • There you are, I found you
  • OM-Cabra it's a fake
  • (Gasps) He lied to us
  • Actually that's totally inglorious
  • Randy that's not what inglorious means (shows the definition of inglorious on her phone)
  • (Notices Randy already gone) Hey! (sighs)
  • (Approaches Randy) I can't believe you lied about the Chuck-a-Cabra
  • (Curls her hair with her finger) You are so infuriating (playfully pushes Randy and leaves sighing romantically)
  • (Cheers with Debbie, Dave, Bucky, Juggo) We're with you
  • (Possessed by Evil Julian) Give me the ball
  • (Randy opens his closet) Hey Randy

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