• Do. Not. Fail. Me! -Said to McFist in Last Stall on the Left
  • (smells and licks his lips) Mmm, misery with subtle notes of humiliation and just the slightest hint of flop sweat. Yum, he will do nicely. -in Got Stank
  • (picks up the rat) Hello...I don't think we've met. I am the Sorcerer, I have been down here for 800 years. You've probably heard of me. (rat sqeeks and shakes its head) Makes no difference, I will not be here much longer. My latest creation is up above spreading chaos. Chaos gives me power and once I have enough power I will break free from this prison and destroy the ninja. (both laugh) Are you laughing with me or at me? (rat squeeks) Good... -in Got Stank
  • Mmm, there's a delicious desperation in the air today. This could only mean one thing: talent show auditions. Nothing dances on the tongue quite like the dashed dreams of the delusional. -in So U Think U Can Stank
  • Please stop doing that. -in So U Think U Can Stank
  • Bingo. -in So you Think you can Stank
  • All I want to do is create a little chaos, bust out of this hole, enslave the world. (sigh) Is that so wrong? -in So U Think U Can Stank
  • Show yourself McFist! -in McFists of Fury
  • No....No....No Where's the Misery?! Where's The Suffering ?! - So U Think U Can Stank
  • "The time is nigh! (rat squeaked in confusion) That means near. Now back up! You're standing too nigh!" - Der Monster Klub
  • Such sweet misery. - Sorcerer in Love
  • "You know, McFist guarantees he's going to get me out of here today." (Mouse squeaks) "Yeah, I don't believe him either." -Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja
  • transported into school* "What The Juice?" -![[Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja
  • "Your failure will be my freedom!" -McOne Armed and Dangerous
"That's the Ninjanomicon!-"It is the ninja's book of ancient knowledge.We can learn the secret of his powers, and his weak-nesesss..."-
  • But every century, it eludes me.(pause) The key eludes me.(pause) The key eludes me.(pause) The key eluuuudes me, hoh-uh.

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