The Sorcerer's Rat
Character information
Gender Male
Species Rat
Eye color white
Residence The Sorcerer's Prision at Norrisville High
Friends The Sorcerer
First Episode Last Stall on the Left (cameo)
Got Stank (first official appearance)

The Sorcerer's Rat is a rat that lives under Norrisville High and the companion of the Sorcerer.

About the Rat

The rat came across the Sorcerer's prison in "Got Stank", and has stayed with the Sorcerer ever since. The Sorcerer usually only has the rat to talk to, often telling it his plans and miseries. In return, the rat tries to comfort him whenever he fails, massaging him and patting him. The rat is nice enough, but is scared of some things the Sorcerer will do, like covering its ears when he yells, and putting a filter gas mask on when he uses red stank.

The rat can also cause trouble. In "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", the rat climbs onto the Sorcerer's cauldron, which he's using to control a monster and find the key, but accidentally knocks it over. The Sorcerer is very enraged by this, chasing it off.


There has been a number of rats acompanying the Sorcerer over the years

  • Numerous rats from 1213 that were stanked by the Sorcerer
  • A rat from 300 years ago
  • A rat from 200 years ago
  • A rat from 100 years ago
  • A rat from 1985

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