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Character information
Gender Male
Species Wizard
Age 800+
Hair color Purple (as the peddler)
Eye color White
Golden (as the peddler)
Affiliations Evil
Occupation Evil Sorcerer
Prisoner underneath Norrisville High
Peddler (formerly in ancient times)
Residence Prison under Norrisville High in Norrisville
Friends McFist
The Sorcerer's Rat
Enemies Norisu Nine (800 years ago)

Norrisville Ninja, which includes:
Randy Cunningham (currently), Mac Antfee (formerly in 1985), and the First Ninja (800 years ago)

Love Interests The Sorceress
Interests Creating chaos
First Episode Last Stall on the Left

I am The Sorcerer. I have been down here for 800 years. You've probably heard of me...

–The Sorcerer , "Got Stank?"

The Sorcerer was the primary antagonist of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He lives in an underground prison beneath Norrisville High, and with his stank, he plans to defeat the Ninja and break free so he can cause chaos and rule the world.

By the end of the Season 2, Randy managed to defeat The Sorcerer by stripping him from the Chaos Pearls and sealed them within his prison. This allows his human self, the unnamed peddler, whom came out from Land of the Shadows, reconciles with The Sorcerer and they merges, in which The Sorcerer whom actually the evil side of the peddler himself ceases to exist. Soon after, the peddler disappears as his soul went to afterlife, but not without thanks Randy for it.



He is most likely immortal because he has been able to survive for eight-hundred years without his human self. He used to be human, but when he gave himself to evil, he turned into a skinny, bony, and green-skinned hideous creature. He wears a brown shattered shawl--which was formerly a much fancier and nicer outfit before his imprisonment--and has long sharp claws and a long forked tongue. He also wears his chaos pearls as a belt around his hips.


In the early 13th century, the Sorcerer wore a green Japanese outfit with a kasa (Japanese hat) and geta (sandals). He still had a bony body, although his skin was a lighter shade of green.


Tumblr n8u1r4grNF1r53v56o3 1280
The Sorcerer loves creating chaos, and does so in order to obtain enough power to break free from his prison. He is arrogant, greedy, and power hungry. He is also incredibly sadistic, to the point where he can describe and name different types of misery, and takes great pleasure in creating chaos.

Although he normally appears calm, he has an incredible temper and is both aggressive and dangerous. He also doesn't take failures very well. Though he does not get to utilize them very often, the Sorcerer has both high intelligence and incredibe cunning.

Being trapped under the school for 800 years, he sometimes shows certain signs of depression (normally when his plans fail, although they more often cause him rage) and loneliness, as he normally socializes with a rat due to his insanity.


The Sorcerer's Rat


The Sorcerer's only close friend is a rat he meets in "Got Stank". The rat is the one being that he can have a conversation with while trapped. He has revealed to it his evil plan of escape. After the Sorcerer's chaos fails to give him power in "So U Think U Can Stank" and he is clearly downcast, the rat tried to cheer him up by patting his back. The rat somehow remembers where the Sorcerer is or stays with him all the time.


McFist agreed help the Sorcerer escape by destroying the Ninja in exchange for a superpower of his choice. The Sorcerer often gets angry at him whenever his schemes fail, and McFist is shown to fear him, getting stressed and once even shown to be hiding from him along with Viceroy. It is unknown if he will keep his promise to him.


Tumblr mpy64rxhUH1s2u3mdo7 1280
Viceroy helps McFist in his plots to destroy the Ninja so that the Sorcerer could escape with ease and grant McFist his wish of having a superhuman ability. He wants the Sorcerer to notice his carefully thought out plans and gets annoyed when McFist keeps interrupting him in "McFists of Fury". He was shown to be afraid of the Sorcerer in "McFists of Fury", hiding from him along with McFist behind a table.

The Sorceress

While causing chaos in a Japanese village in 1209, the Sorcerer met the Sorceress, whom he came to enjoy. They teamed up to stank the town, and became nearly invincible. However, the First Ninja destroyed their twisted romance when he banished the Sorceress to the Land of Shadows. The Sorcerer was sad by this, but was pleased 800 years later when he realized she had returned to break him out.

Norrisville Ninja

The Sorcerer has a strong dislike of the Norrisville Ninjas. He can't seem to tell any of the ninjas apart from each other, but desires to make them suffer for trapping him, explaining to McFist and Viceroy when he escaped in "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja" that he wants the Ninja to see he has failed.

First Ninja

The Sorcerer has a strong dislike for the First Ninja, a hatred that continues to every future ninja. He kills First Ninja's brothers, and is enraged when his foe traps the Sorceress in the Land of Shadows. When he successfully gets the Carp's Eye, he gloats to the First Ninja that he is now unstoppable. However, the First Ninja eventually fights him off and traps him underground, much to the Sorcerer's horror and fury.

640px-Help me nomicon

Randy Cunningham

Randy first finds out that the Sorcerer is his arch-enemy in "So U Think U Can Stank" from the NinjaNomicon. They finally meet face-to-face--while not in the same room--in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon". Using his powers, the Sorcerer tries to crush Randy to death, but Randy manages to knock him down with a Ninja Air Fist. In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", the two meet in person when the Sorcerer is riding battle rats through ancient Norrisville. Randy, using the Howard-possessing Tengu, fights the Sorcerer after he accidentally stopped the First Ninja from defeating him. The Sorcerer was about to kill Randy and Howard, but the First Ninja steps in and stops him.

Notable Possessions

Chaos Pearls

The Sorcerer wears them like a belt on his waist. When his chaos pearls reach full power, he can escape and begin to overthrow the world. The belt surrounds him in the air when it gathers power. In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", because of Randy's meddling in the past, the Sorcerer lost four of them before he was trapped. One has been found by Catfish Booray.


The Sorcerer's power is not something to be toyed with, as noted by the NinjaNomicon. With the chaos pearls as the source of his power, he mastered the dark arts and almost gained absolute control over time and space. The Norisu Nine swore to defeat him before he did it, but he was too powerful to be destroyed. He defeated eight of the Nine Ninjas, leaving only one, who locked him deep underground, below where Norrisville High would one day be built. His power seems to come from the Chaos Pearls. The most common use of his powers is to transform the weak and vulnerable into monsters with stank. He can also view events remotely with the pearls, and uses this ability to contact McFist.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection

In "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon", the Sorcerer gives a demonstration of much more devastating powers. He has red stank, which, unlike his green version, doesn't change people into monsters. Instead, it physically affects and manipulates objects. He uses it to almost crush Randy and to create a giant monsterous version of his head that chases Randy, but it is destroyed when Randy gets too far out of reach. The red stank seems to take more energy and focus for the Sorcerer to create and manipulate outside of his prison.

As seen in "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja" he has the power to create a giant astral projection of himself that shadows his moves.

In the aforementioned episode, when set free, he is able to stank non-vulnerable people and even control them. He can also control and stank non-vulnerable people if they possess one of his orbs while close enough to his prison, as seen in "Welcome Back Catfish."

The Sorcerer can make his own weapons, creating a sword to fight Randy with in "Ball's Well That Friends Well".

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