• Besides a few noises, Stevens has never actually spoken.
  • In the opening sequence, Stevens is seen flirting with a not-too-enthusiastic looking Theresa, hinting that he likely has a crush on her.
  • He also gives Theresa his band outfit for "Night of the Living McFizzles", which might indicate a friendship between them, and maybe even more so him having feelings for her.
    • Or she just made a costume based off his outfit.
  • Stevens' worst fear is monkeys.

Stevens' button

  • Stevens passes out buttons to many female students that swoon over him to make them feel like he's in love with them, instead of only one.
    • From this, we learn Stevens is somewhat of a player or a tomcat.
    • Also, he may be the only member of the Norrisville High Band that isn't unpopular.
  • In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", Stevens is part of Principal Slimovitz's underground resistance and participates in the raid on Charlie Cluckers for food, using his trombone to sound off the attack..

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