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Steve Riley is a robot created by Viceroy in disguise as one of Flackville High School's chess players. He was programmed with every chess move ever played and single handedly defeated the whole Norrisville High Chess Team. However, he was defeated by Howard. After that he transformed and tried to destroy Howard but was defeated by the Ninja's Hot Balls. In a scene from Hip Hopocalypse Now he can be seen in the audience.


  • Viceroy programmed him with every chess move ever played.
    • Despite that, Howard managed to beat Steve Riley because, as stated by Viceroy, "he's playing Crazy-Chess", with which the robot was not programmed with.
  • You can see a cameo of Steve Riley in Hip Hopocalypse Now but a human version, meaning that the robot that McFist & Viceroy made was based on the original, or if it was just a coincidence.
  • His mechanical form is made to resemble the Knight, a chess piece often shaped like a horse.
  • His scrapped parts appear in Scrap City's arena in the episode "Escape from Scrap City".

Images and Appearances

Der Monster Klub

Stanks Like Teen Spirit

Hiphopocalypse Now


  • "It's CHECK MATE!"

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