Randy smoke bombs into the cafeteria

Smoke Bombs are ninja balls the Norrisville Ninja uses in order to appear and disappear.


It is revealed in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch" that the Ninja Suit has a limited stock and it needs the sap of a special tree called the Skunk Pine to make it so not even one so be wasted as the Ninja could be followed or tracked without one. Randy used to waste a lot of smoke bombs, but after learning that he could run out of them and that they are a tool of strategy, and not for show, he made sure to use more wisely.


  • It is unknown whether the smoke-bomb has the power to teleport or just gives the Ninja a way to sneak away. Randy's comings and goings in "Lucius O'Thunderpunch", however, seems to point towards the latter.
  • Randy can also take smoke-bombs out of the Ninja Suit and use them when he is not wearing it.
  • The smoke bombs apparently have quite a pungent odor, as people like Randy, Howard, and Felipe have pointed out that they smell like farts.
    • It is worth noting that the odor stays on for a while. That is how S. Ward Smith is able to figure out that Randy is the Ninja in "Sword Quest" because he "reeks of smoke-bombs."
  • The appearance of a smoke-bomb
  • The Skunk Pine Tree

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