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Disney XD's first season of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja premiered on September 17, 2012, and finished on February 8, 2014. It contains 52 x 11 minute episodes.

Season 1 Poster

Season Overview

A freshman boy named Randy Cunningham finds a Ninja guidebook and ends up becoming a ninja. With his best buddy Howard Weinerman, the two have to navigate everyday teenage life at high school while taking on monsters and madmen bent on freeing an evil 800 year-old Sorcerer. This sorcerer was imprisoned beneath Norrisville High by the original ninja and guarded ever since by Randy’s predecessors.

Episode List

# Image Title Airdate
01 Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 9.28.02 AM Last Stall on the Left August 13, 2012
The premiere of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja where our hero Randy finds a magic Ninja Mask and the teachings of the NinjaNomicon (an 800 year old Ninja guide).
# Image Title Airdate
02 Gotstank1 Got Stank September 17, 2012
Randy and Howard try to get into a cool zone in the bleachers when watching their school play basketball. When one of the triangle-playing band members (Bucky) is fired, The Sorcerer turns him into a ferocious monster.
# Image Title Airdate


So U Think U Can Stank September 18, 2012
Randy and Howard become judges for their school's talent show and Randy tells Howard that he should be "the mean judge." But the Sorcerer takes this chance and makes all the failing acts monsters.
# Image Title Airdate
04 Mcfists of fury6 McFists of Fury September 19, 2012
When Randy discovers that the Norrisville philanthropist, Hannibal McFist, is his enemy, he has a hard time trying to convince Howard that the one they believed to be their hero is actually an evil villain working with The Sorcerer.
# Image Title Airdate
05 Gossip Report Gossip Boy September 20, 2012
Howard accidentally tells everyone on his sister's web show that he knows who the ninja is and he is captured by McFist, who demands that he tells him who the ninja is.
# Image Title Airdate
06 House of boogers1 House of 1,000 Boogers September 24, 2012
The Ninja fights a lizard, which copies a sample of his snot. Later Randy and Howard attend a party Bash is throwing, but it's a scheme so McFist can find the ninja by sampling everyone's snot bombs and matching it to the Ninja.
# Image Title Airdate
07 Monster dump5 Monster Dump September 25, 2012
Randy takes a trip to the town's volcano, but it's probably not going to be a nice stop-by.
# Image Title Airdate
08 Attack of potatoes4 Attack of the Killer Potatoes September 26, 2012
Randy and Howard need to win their High School Science Fair to pass their science class, but will they go too far?
# Image Title Airdate
09 Golden note6 The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note September 27, 2012
Randy and Howard take a trip under their school and go through the scary old gym in an effort to find a mythical golden doctor's note that can help them skip gym, but its not as easy as they hoped it would be.
# Image Title Airdate
10 Dawn of driscoll5 Dawn of the Driscoll October 15, 2012
Randy and Howard want to rescue their science project but Randy accidentally brings the class skeleton, and Mrs. Driscoll's "husband", Jerry back to life. The mad scientist also plans revenge on Viceroy.
# Image Title Airdate
11 Night of mcfizzles7 Night of the Living McFizzles October 15, 2012
Randy and Howard wonder why everyone in town is turning into zombies, while McFist and Viceroy plan to solve the problem by destroying the town.
# Image Title Airdate
12 Viva nomicon7 Viva El Nomicon October 16, 2012
Randy and Howard fail their Spanish report while a Mexican Death Bear sent by Viceroy and McFist attacks the school.
# Image Title Airdate
13 30sec2math6 30 Seconds to Math October 17, 2012
Randy and Howard form a band to enter the school's Battle of the Bands. Randy has to choose between being the ninja or his friendship with Howard while McFist tries to use a truth device that will reveal the ninja's identity during the show.
# Image Title Airdate
14 Monster drill9 Monster Drill October 18, 2012
After an argument between Randy and Howard, a monster attacks during a routine "monster drill" where Howard is pretending to be the ninja. Randy must find a way to get to his mask back from the school library and to apologize to his friend.
# Image Title Airdate
15 Silent punch4 Silent Punch, Deadly Punch December 3, 2012
Randy travels to the forest to retrieve a sap from a sacred tree in order to restock his ninja gadgets, but McFist beats him there and snags the tree for his holiday party. Randy poses a Ninja Santa to get in to the party and winds up defending himself against a robot snowman and his team of elves.
# Image Title Airdate
16 44603298821 Stank'd to the Future March 4, 2013
After a power outage at school, a Stankified Monster frozen in ice is freed. When Randy de-stanks him, he and Howard learn that his name is Dickie and his monster form was frozen in ice by the Ninja of 1985. When Dickie is saddened by this and how he missed his chance with Tawny , the Sorcerer takes the opportunity to re-stank him and find out what is the object of his stank.
# Image Title Airdate
17 44605423886 Wave Slayers March 4, 2013
The Wave Slayer relays are occurring in Norrisville as Randy and Howard accidentally wrecks the Wave Slayer where an accident injures Buttermaker and causes Howard to take his place. The Sorcerer takes the opportunity to turn Buttermaker into an aquatic monster that attacks the opposing team.
# Image Title Airdate
18 Tumblr mjime5UlxU1rdkfkdo1 1280 Sword Quest March 11, 2013
Randy must learn a valuable new lesson about respect and humility when after accidentally breaking his sword, he enlists the help of S. Ward Smith to get a custom-made sword. Meanwhile, S. Ward Smith's protege, Brent, believes he was replaced by Howard and wreaks havoc on the school when he is changed into a monster by the Sorcerer.
# Image Title Airdate
Tumblr mjl6l6Glwy1rwoq2zo2 1280
Nukid on the Block March 11, 2013
Franz Nukid, a strange new exchange student, threatens to destroy the Ninja as well as Randy and Howard's friendship.
# Image Title Airdate
20 45736204966 Weinerman Up March 18, 2013
When Randy and Howard's video game battle gets out of hand, the Ninja must save the town from a giant robot created by Viceroy.
# Image Title Airdate


Tumblr mjwk63SrHt1rwoq2zo4 1280

Evil Spirit Week

March 18, 2013

School Spirit Week turns into a disaster after Howard is possessed by a mythical demon bird, the Tengu which Randy releases by accident.

# Image Title Airdate


Monster klub1

Der Monster Klub

March 25, 2013

Randy and Howard learn that an outcast group called Der Monster Klub is playing a dangerous game that could destroy the school.

# Image Title Airdate


Grave puncher movie4

Grave Puncher: The Movie!

March 25, 2013

Randy and Howard sneak out to watch a midnight movie premiere but the villain from the Grave Puncher 6D Movie comes to life by accident.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr moyyo8DmXN1r70ykmo1 500

Escape from Detention Island

June 29, 2013

When Howard and other students get sent to the dreaded Detention Island, the Ninja must figure out how to free them. W

# Image Title Airdate


Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja

June 29, 2013

When school bully Bash is mistaken for the Ninja, Randy learns he must be a hero to all -- even Bash.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr mpn22l2hVA1solmsqo5 1280

Shoob Tube

July 6, 2013

Randy and Howard seek revenge on a French exchange student who stole their Internet video fame - only to cause him to stank out and create a scene they weren't expecting.

# Image Title Airdate


Stanks Like Teen Spirit

July 6, 2013

When a robot disguised as a rival school's chess team member crushes Norrisville High's record - and their spirit, a mass stanking breaks out.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr mpy64rxhUH1s2u3mdo8 1280

Raiders of the Lost Nomicon

July 13, 2013

When Randy loses the NinjaNomicon, he must save it before hundreds of years of Ninja wisdom is revealed to his enemies.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr mpu6p9kPq91r00cmno1 1280

Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes

July 13, 2013

Randy and Howard are eager to ride a new roller coaster but first, the Ninja must stop a Robo-Ape uprising.

# Image Title Airdate

Leap attack

Secret Stache

July 20, 2013

A feud breaks out when Howard is accepted into a school club and Randy isn't. But when Howard is in danger, the Ninja must put aside his grudge and come to the rescue.

# Image Title Airdate

30 Seconds to Rap

Hip Hopocalypse Now

July 20, 2013

The Ninja accidentally summons a giant monster when he uses an ancient ninja lesson during a rap battle.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr mk6xijOJQG1rdo333o6 1280

Ninja Camp

July 27, 2013

Randy must stop a former Norrisville Ninja-turned-nemesis from recruiting an army intended to destroy the Ninja.

# Image Title Airdate
33 1239784 585945734795939 1549077103 n McFear Factor August 26, 2013
When Viceroy creates a fear-pooping Robo-Rhino that makes everyone confront what scares them most, Ninja must learn to turn his own fear into a weapon!
# Image Title Airdate
34 RCATSK 47 Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key October 5, 2013

Randy and Howard must sacrifice everything to prevent the Ninja’s ultimate enemy from running amuck.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr mukc6wGJAH1qgulc2o1 500

The Ninja Identity (part 1)

October 12, 2013

When Randy inadvertently mind-wipes himself and develops amnesia, Howard must fill in as the Ninja until Randy can get his memory back.

# Image Title Airdate

1383925 606646726059173 217247112 n

The Ninja Supremacy (part 2)

October 12, 2013

When Randy inadvertently mind-wipes himself and develops amnesia, Howard must fill in as the Ninja until Randy can get his memory back.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr muzhtcdNFb1r53v56o6 1280

Enter the Nomicon

October 19, 2013

Mac Antfee returns to Norrisville as a motivational speaker, only to have Randy reignite his burning desire to destroy the Ninja and take his place.

# Image Title Airdate

Tumblr muyjlq71bm1s229jro6 1280

Swampy Seconds

October 19, 2013

Randy misuses his Ninja powers, and the Nomicon refuses to let him Ninja out and rescue Howard from a psychotic Cajun trapper named Catfish Booray.

# Image Title Airdate
39 943706 616082795115566 1514821424 n McSatchle October 26, 2013

When Randy and Howard don’t have enough money to buy a McSatchle, they get jobs at McFist-O-Plex and Howard becomes Randy’s manager.

# Image Title Airdate
40 Husbando is 2 kawaii 4 me Fart-Topia October 26, 2013

When Randy helps Hannibal McFist’s hippy brother Terry take control of McFist IndustriesWhoopee World is turned into a fart-powered nightmare.

# Image Title Airdate
41 Tumblr mvlxao7pwd1rwexrco1 1280 The McHugger Games November 2, 2013

In order to score a limo ride with soccer super star Pitch Kickem, Ninja swipes a pair of shorts to help him win a shoot-out competition. When McFist sends an I.D. Bot to find the shorts, Randy’s identity is compromised and Howard must take Randy’s place in the competition.

# Image Title Airdate
42 Tumblr mvn38z7Zio1r00cmno2 500 McFreaks November 2, 2013

The McFreak Show arrives in town and Randy is convinced that he wants a McFreak as a pet. But when the McFreaks go on the rampage, he realizes that wild animals don’t make the best pets.

# Image Title Airdate
43 1069284 568897549834091 2118012778 n Sorcerer in Love November 9, 2013

Randy, Howard and all the boys at Norrisville High are entranced by the new girl in school, Amanda Levay, but little do they know she’s actually the Sorcerer’s long lost love in disguise.

# Image Title Airdate
Tumblr mw4bwfgh2A1sd7pzbo1 500
Pranks for Nothing November 18, 2013

Coach Green brings back an old Norrisville High tradition, Prank Day! When Bash uses a dangerous Viceroy-created device for pranks, Randy must master his most difficult Ninja skill yet to stop Bash.

# Image Title Airdate
45 Imagebsnsns

Lucius O'Thunderpunch

January 18, 2014

During "Ninja Day", McFist schemes to steal the spotlight by introducing a new hero... himself.

# Image Title Airdate
Tumblr mv51da4O5H1qb6hq7o1 500

Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!

January 18, 2014

When the Ninja lies that his name is Ranginald Bagel, he puts the "real" Ranginald in danger of McFist's fury.

# Image Title Airdate
47 1555588 660325240691321 1489900034 n

Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved

January 25, 2014

Due to their ability to break McFist products, Randy and Howard become product testers at McFist Industries and inadvertently help Viceroy create an indestructible ninja-seeking robot.

# Image Title Airdate
48 1604500 660326424024536 1313770076 n

Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge

January 25, 2014

Randy and Howard follow Theresa Fowler and the rest of their classmates to a cool new club downtown, only to discover that the Sorceress has returned to seek revenge on the Ninja.

# Image Title Airdate
49 Tumblr n0a2vu1ucC1r00cmno1 1280

McOne Armed and Dangerous

February 1, 2014

During the 50th Anniversary Celebration of McFist Industries, the Ninja outs McFist as a villain to the entire town. But with his cover blown, McFist is finally able to focus all of his power on destroying the Ninja.

# Image Title Airdate
50 1797383 664279096962602 1719954551 n

Shloomp! There It Is!

February 1, 2014

Randy becomes so dependent on the Nomicon’s wisdom that he goes to it for advice on everything. To teach him a lesson, the Nomicon traps him inside and puts an alternate consciousness in Randy’s body, forcing Randy to try to find a way out of this mess.

# Image Title Airdate
51/52 Tumblr n0lbpc3Uxe1r53v56o1 1280

Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja

February 8, 2014

Randy and Howard accidentally stumble back in time and must help the original Ninja battle the Sorcerer.

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