S. Ward Smith
Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Metal shop teacher at Norrisville High
Swordsmith of the Ninja
Residence Norrisville
Friends Norrisville Ninja
First Episode Sword Quest

S. Ward Smith is the metal shop teacher at Norrisville High and the swordsmith that crafts the Ninja's swords. His apprentice is Brent.


S. Ward Smith hunches over, and he has dark brown hair. He is blind, so he wears sunglasses, and he has a few golden teeth. He wears a gray tanktop, a dark red apron, teal pants, brown boots, and brown gloves. His lower right arm is bandaged.


Mr. Smith's pretty much portrayed as one of those elderly masters seen in classic martial arts films. Usually, he takes no nonsense whatsoever and never seems to crack under pressure. He feels like he's too old to be a metal shop teacher, but he still dedicates his life to crafting swords for future Norrisville Ninjas.


Ninja Theme Song

Season 1

Season 2


  • Mr. Smith's name, as pointed out by Randy, is an obvious pun on "sword smith"
  • He is blind, and only could tell Randy was the ninja because he smelled like smoke bombs (they do stink like farts after all).
    • He could be the third person to know about Randy's secret as the Ninja, the first one is the Messenger and the second one is Howard Weinerman.
  • He was mentioned in "Monster Drill", Principal Slimovitz giving his metal shop class credit for building the practice monster (actually a Robo-Mantis), but Randy pointing out that his class couldn't even build a birdhouse.
  • He is shown in the opening theme speaking to Mr. Bannister.
  • It is unknown if he worked with the previous Ninjas.


Sword Quest

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