Rorg: Hero of a Past is a fictional 1980s T.V. series within Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja which only features in Rorg: A Hero of a Past.


Rorg and Socks tried to stop against Boneface and his minions.



Rorg is a hero and a main character of this fictional series. He is portrayed as valiant and loud.


Socks is a sidekick and a friend to Rorg. He usually says "Shock-a-zam!"


Commander Boneface is a green-colored villain with an open skull and yellow horns. He always chuckles manically after speaking to another person.



  • Rorg resembles Lion-O from Thundercats, while his nemesis Commander Boneface resembles Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.
  • Psycho-man has the same clothing scheme as Howard Weinerman.
  • The color scheme of Rorg references the Norrisville Ninja.
  • The villian in this episode highly resembles the Sorcerer.
  • The series is a parody 1980s cartoons such as Thundercats and He-Man: Masters of the Universe.

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