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The Sorcerer uses this type of stank call Red Stank (Strokeo Rojo in Latin Spanish) in Raiders of the Lost Nomicon in an attempt to open up the NinjaNomicon. Luckily, Randy was able to save the Nomicon before The Sorcerer was able to succeed. 

With this kind of stank, The Sorcerer is able to physically interact and manipulate other objects as he did the NinjaNomicon (almost forcing it open) and Randy himself (hoisting him into the air and almost crushing him to death), thus giving him a form of telekinesis. He can also use it to send a creation that resembles himself to attack others, or might even be able to send his own spirit to other places, however it can be destroyed if it goes too far away from him. Unlike the green version, Red stank seems more difficult to use as The Sorcerer had to concentrate more to use it, suggesting that it takes more energy and focus.

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