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Here is the full list of warned, blocked, and banned users. This list is only to be used by admins, staff, rollbacks, and chat mods. If you are adding to this page please be sure to state which date the user should be unbanned or unblocked (forever is allowed)(you can not be unwarned). Also be sure to explain when, why, and who. After someone's punishment is over do not delete the paragraph about him or her (unless user was only warned).

Warned Users

This user vandalized on the page Hot Balls on August 30th 2012. Next time he/she vandalizing he/she will be blocked.

This user vandalized two times on categories on August 17th 2012. Next time he/she vandalizing he/she will be blocked.

This user deleted a picture on the Scott Thomas page on September 12th 2012. Depending on what this user may be blocked next time he/she breaks the rules.

Banned Users

Blocked Users


This user has consistently added bad quality photos to the wiki. I have given this user 2 warnings, but he/she did not react. He/She will be blocked until December 1.

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