• Originally, Randy was supposed to have red hair as seen on the show's Tumblr .
    • Instead, his hair color ended up being used on Howard in the final concept as Howard was originally dark-haired.
  • He and Howard have appeared in every episode.
  • He has a slight New York accent, (his voice actor, Ben Schwartz was born in the Bronx), which might also explain why NomiRandy has a Boston accent, as some people believe that the two accents are opposite.
  • It's possible that Randy has synesthesia disorder, which is why he sees colorful doodles.
  • He can play the keytar as seen in "30 Seconds to Math".
  • He's a pretty good singer.
  • He claims to be good in solving riddles and was able to solve the puzzle leading to the doctor's notes in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note".
  • He has a "shnasty zone" where he has sights in his head that he wishes to get rid of (as of "Gossip Boy").
  • He lives in a suburban house in Norrisville.
  • The last name Cunningham is most popular in London, England. This notes that he must be of British descent.
  • Either he or Howard has an extra nipple as stated in "30 Seconds to Math", or Randy is really bad at counting.
  • He can write in cursive as seen in "Last Stall on the Left" and "Brolateral Damage".
  • Very little has been revealed about Randy's family, let alone if they'll ever appear, but it's confirmed in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit" that Randy has more than one parent, although he's never mentioned his father while mentioning his mom a few times throughout the series.
  • It is revealed that he is allergic to Mr. Weinerman's cologne in "Secret Stache".
    • Also in said episode, it is revealed that Randy's hair is naturally purple, not dyed.
  • Neither he nor Howard have been stank'd yet.
  • He has stage fright about rapping in "Hip Hopocalypse Now".
  • Shown in "McFear Factor", Randy has alektorophobia, the fear of chickens and roosters.
    • Throughout the series, Randy is only seen crying once, which is when he stresses himself out by scaring himself by stating disturbing facts about chickens and roosters while being surrounded by them.
    • In contrast, Randy was laughing at freeing the chickens while learning "Ninja Air Fist".
  • It's confirmed on the show's Tumblr that Randy is somewhat ambidextrous, although he mostly uses his right hand.
  • In some dubs Randy's name is changed to "Danny Cunningham".
  • Randy has been mauled by a cat twice, once in "Shoob Tube" and a second time in "McOne Armed and Dangerous".
  • Randy tends to use a deep heroic-y voice when talking to people as the ninja, although sometimes in the heat of battle or when he's panicking he forgets to do this.
  • Randy is similar to that of Spider-Man in some ways. They're both teenagers, both unpopular in high school as their secret identities, and they both try to balance their normal lives with their superhero responsibility, along with enjoying making puns and jokes in the middle of their battles.
    • A lot of the fans think Randy, Danny from Danny Phantom and Jake from American Dragon: Jake Long are alike and have many things in common like dark, spiky hair, only their friends and some family knowing about their alter ego, fighting evil, and usually NOT being the popular kids in school. Because of this, a lot of fans wrote fanfictions and drew fanart that included all three of them and called them the "Secret Trio".
  • Randy's suit design looks similar to Strider Hiryu, a ninja and assassin from a famous video game called Strider.
  • He has symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
  • He apparently has a slight crush on Howard's sister, Heidi, saying she can be "pretty spicy".
  • He is not very good at lying, as seen in "Fudge Factory" when Howard called him a "truth-wad".
  • Without the suit, Randy can use a few of his Ninja abilities, like the Art of Disguise and the Earth Attack.

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