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Punchocalypse[1]is a game on Disney's website.


In Mr. Bannister's class, Randy and Howard are taking a test when Krackenstein suddenly crashes through a wall and kidnapped Howard.


X: Use equipment or mana

C: Attack (hold C to hold enemies)

V: Hold for Ninja Rage (full first level mana bar) or Ninja Cold Rage (max full mana bar after unlocking in Enter the NinjaNomicon)

Spacebar: Hold to change equipment

Arrow Keys: Movement

: Duck

⇩⇨ (⇩⇦ when facing left): Slide

: Jump

⇧⇨ (⇧⇦ when facing left): Flip Jump

⇧⇧: Double Jump at level 2 when you deeat krakenstein ninja you can use the active fire and pressing 3 seconds v

++X (++X when facing left): Ninja Air Fist  Hint:rapidly tapping front and x button in mid air can cause a continuous range attack and non stopping shot while staying in the air

Special Moves

C+: Aerial Knockdown

C+C+C+: Ninja Scarf Slam

C+C+C+ (C+C+C+ when facing left): Ninja Nunchuck

C+C+C+X: Triple Ring Attack

C+C+C+: Ninja Uppercut

C+C+C+ (C+C+C+ when facing left): Ninja Sword


Hot Balls:

MP cost: High
Damage: High

Freezin' Balls:

MP cost: Low
Damage: Freezes

Ninja Rings:

MP cost: None
Damage: Low

Smoke Bomb:

MP cost: High
Damage: Mid+Stun

Trippin' Balls:

MP cost: Low
Damage: Low

Electro Balls:

MP cost: Mid
Damage: Stun

Pressing x in ninja rage and ninja cold rage can throw flaming ninja ring and freezing ninja ring respectively.

Damage: High



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