• In "Escape from Detention Island", she mentions that she literally was born on the dance floor.
  • She is the only character that rarely smiles. In "Viva El Nomicon" she might have smiled a little (she was a background character in that episode) when Randy said something in her direction.
  • Morgan is similar to Megara from Disney's Hercules. Both have hair in a ponytail, cynical and have smug voices.
  • Whether Morgan realizes it or not, Howard seems to have some feelings for her. However, so far, she seems to only find him annoying and unimportant.
  • In "McFreaks", it is revealed she has a bald cat with the same facial expression as her.
  • In "Sorcerer in Love", she's sitting next to Debbie Kang and in front of Theresa Fowler in Mr. Bannister's class.
    • During the Dance Beneath the Stars, she dances with the girl from Dancing Fish with the purple hair.
    • In a deleted moment, she's watching the boys fawn over Amanda with Flute Girl, Debbie, and Theresa, looking annoyed.
  • As revealed in "Pranks for Nothing", she is an upperclassman.
  • Though she rarely shows emotion, she is seen crying when McFist yells that he is going to blast the ninja to pieces in "McOne Armed and Dangerous".
  • In "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim", Morgan is one of the people on Debbie's list for the secret identity of the Ninja, and Debbie has already crossed her off, indicating Debbie doesn't believe Morgan is the Ninja.
  • Morgan never hade a speaking role in Season 2.
  • Morgan is one of the only recurring students that never got stanked by the Sorcerer.

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