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Example of a stanked person (Dickie)

Monsters are created when the Sorcerer detects unhappiness in students and creates Stank to transform them. Many students in the school, excluding Randy and Howard, have been stanked monsters at some point.



Those vunerable to the Sorcerer's stank have negative emotions. A lot of different emotions can cause a stanking, like sadness, fear, dismay, heartbreak, etc. If the Sorcerer is close enough to sense them, he'll send out stank to possess them. The victims morph into monsters, and start causing mayhem around them. The Sorceress, being free, can stank anyone directly without them needing to be vunerable. Should the Sorcerer ever be freed he will be able to do the same.


Monsters have different abilities depending on the student transformed. Stanking often gives the victims ironic powers, such as Buttermaker becoming amphibious or Brent gaining firebreath. Some monsters are capable of thought and human speech, while others don't speak at all. They also have "stankbreath", stank that they exhale from their mouths. Common abilities include increased strength, speed, and agility.

  • Stanked Monsters in 1209
  • Stanked Monsters in 1209
  • Stanked Monsters in 1209
  • Stanked Theresa
  • Stanked Bucky
  • Stanked Julian
  • Stanked Dave
  • Stanked Juggo
  • Stanked Jacques
  • Stanked Debbie
  • Stanked Buttermaker (/w different coloring)
  • Sorceress's Demon Dog Flute Girl
  • Sorceress's Demon Dog Heidi
  • Sorceress's Demon Dog Morgan
  • Stanked McFist
  • Stanked Tour Bus Person
  • Stanked Tour Bus Person
  • Stanked Tour Bus Person
  • Stanked Tour Bus Person
  • Stanked Tour Bus Person
  • Stanked Tour Bus Person
  • Stanked Bash


Monsters are very violent and furious, often acting similar to little children or animals when not having much intelligence. Their actions are based off of their thoughts and feelings before they were stanked, like going for revenge or expressing disappointment. It's not unnatural for them to take out their anger out on other people or objects, but they are definitely rarely easy on the Ninja.


In order to destank monsters, the Ninja must find and destroy the things they hold most dear, although others can do this by accident. Often, it's an object, like a hat or an accordian. When a massive stanking occurs, it's still one object that needs to be destroyed, like a 20-sided die for four monsters in "Der Monster Klub".

In some cases, the things held most dear can be abstract, like a broken relationship or disappointment at losing. For example, Randy has to bring sad, stanked Dickie together with his long lost love Tawny in "Stank'd to the Future", and someone has to beat Steve Riley so that the Norrisville students can win and be destanked in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit". Sometimes, Randy simply can destank a student without being the Ninja, like admitting to Bucky Hensletter, Dave, and Pradeep that he tricked them in "True Bromance" and offering Levander Hart to play music with him and Howard in "Unstank My Hart". Indirectly as the Ninja, Randy apologizes and gives a bouquet to flowers to a brokenhearted Theresa Fowler in order to destank her in Shloomp! There It Is!.


Once destanked, the victim normally has "stankmesia". They forget all that happened while they were a monster, and even some things that happened before then, whether shortly or years before (like in "McOne Armed and Dangerous", McFist is shocked he has a brain in his arm). In addition, they are dazed and confused for a short while.

List of stanked characters

Click here to see list:

Bucky Hensletter


Theresa Fowler


Dancing Fish (Except Morgan)







Debbie Kang

Blonde Twins turned into alligator-like-monsters

Flute Girl



Seven villagers in 1209

Principal Slimovitz


Heidi Weinerman

Hannibal McFist

Several battle rats

Multiple people

Tour bus People

Levander Hart

Bash Johnson

Jason Myers

Evil Julian

Charlie Clucker

Gene Levine



Sinjin Knightfire

Sunglasses woman

Brawn Brickwall


Marci McFist


Top 5 Highest Amount of Stankings at Once

  1. Multiple people/several rats in "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja"
  2. Tour bus people in "On the Poolfront"
  3. 13 students in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit"
  4. 7 villagers from 1209 in "Sorcerer in Love"
  5. 5 students (the Dancing Fish) in "So U Think U Can Stank"/5 people in "Lucius O'Thunderpunch"


  • Psycho-Bot is the only robot to have ever been stanked because he had artificial emotions.
  • The first adult to be stanked on the show is Principal Slimovitz in "Lucius O'Thunderpunch", not counting Dickie in "Stank'd to the Future" who technically was an adult at the time of stanking but still possessed the body of a teenager.
  • Counting the years he spent frozen, Dickie has been stanked the longest.
  • The first animals seen stanked are the rats in "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja".
  • Notable students who haven't been stanked in any way are Randy Cunningham and Howard Weinerman.
    • Viceroy is a notable non-student character who hasn't been stanked.
  • The Sorceress is the only other character seen with the ability to stank others like the Sorcerer.
    • The monster forms from her stank are different than the monster forms from the Sorcerer's stank.
  • Catfish Booray is the only person to become a monster using a magic powder instead of the Sorcerer's stank, as seen in "Swampy Seconds".
    • He's also the only person to get turned into a monster by swallowing one of the Sorcerer's Orbs, as seen in "Welcome Back Catfish".
  • Jason Myers is technically the first monster that isn't successfully destanked due to drowning with the Ninja, although it all was part of a scary story Randy was telling in "The Curse of Mudfart".
  • Although Bucky and Theresa were shown stanked in "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", they were also still on the tour at McFist's factory, making these stankings animation errors.
  • Bucky and Dickie are the only two people whose clothes remain destroyed after being destanked.

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