McMostly meat

the factory

McMosly MEAT is one of Hannibal McFist's factories. This factory produces some of your favorite "Human Fuels", like McMeat Stache(which tastes "just like moustache" according to howard). The factory is probably run completely by Robo-Apes(as they are the only seen working there) and is stated in McFist Industries. The meat in the factory's products is never 100% meat, as some times one of the Robo-Apes is seen losing an arm or falling in the mixture. Each time the counter goes down by 1%. 


The factory organises, as seen in Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja, tours for the Norrisville high school. On the Tour is shown how they Manufacture McMeat Stache and how sand is made. The tour is given by Robo-Apes while riding around in a tiny train.

Manufactor Line

  • Cutting
  • forming
  • baking
  • falling
  • packing
  • eating

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