• Release the Krakenstein!
  • I don't care if it's disgusting or useless, I just want a blob!
  • Buy Whoopee World and ban the following people... VICEROY! No, just Viceroy.
  • NOOOOOO... way dudes, that was awesome!
  • Another ninja? How original... I mean... Here's some McFizzles!
  • Marci usually packs for me... MARCI! I forgot Marci, we have to go back!
  • The water's all boogery... GROSS!
  • You're too late ninja... or should I call you... Viceroy! VICEROY?!
  • We have a plan! The second he pokes his little ninja head out of his little ninja hiding hole, BAM! Destroyed!
  • Just get to your lab and build me something dangerous, something deadly, something with a cup holder! (left arm spazzes out) You know what? Forget the cup holder. Just make it deadly!
  • Someone help the robo-apes have taken Marci! (Marci: Hannibal!) ...And the kid. Can't forget Bash. -Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes
  • This is the most boring race ever. -Bring Me The Head of Raginald Bagel
  • I knew that swamp elf was nuts! -Bring Me The Head of Raginald Bagel
  • Why isn't it wearing a shirt?
  • Feeling pretty good about that burn.
  • VICEROY! Guess who got into trouble with his wife because your tremblewhatchamacallit got his stephson suspended?!
  • "Where did that robot learn to be so smug?" (Viceroy makes a smug-looking face) "Oh."
  • I want the Ninja to save me. I want the Ninja to save me. I WANT THE NINJA TO SAVE ME! - McFists of Fury
  • Where are you ninja? Where. Are. YOU? - Ball's well that Friends Well

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