McFissues are part of a game during the Bash Splash, where the guests sneezed and a machine automatically took their picture, making it easier for McFist and Viceroy to compare the snot with the ninja's. The object of the game appeared to be shooting targets using snot which was sucked out by the machine. McFissues are first seen in House of 1,000 Boogers, being introduced by McFist and his wife to Randy and Howard. Randy didn't use the McFissues, so McFist sent a Robo-Lizard to get a sample of his booger and take his picture. Howard won a plush unicorn as a prize for playing the game. The unicorn's head was ripped of by the McFist mansion's gate at the end of the episode and Howard says "Look what he did to Unie".


  • The name McFissues is similar to the word tissues and their purposes are somewhat similar.

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