Mr. Bannister: Welcome, freshmans. Im sure your all bummed to be back in school. Well, so am I! 500 words, what you did on your summer break! (Hits the desk).

Randy: Name, Randy Cunningham. Grade, nine. Title, what I did on my summer-.

Howard: Cunningham! Let me copy off ya.

Randy: Howard, we can't turn in the exact same essay!

Howard: Yeah, but we had the exact same summer!

(Howard gets hit by Mr. Bannister)

Mr. Bannister: No talking!

(Howard groans)

Randy: Well..not the exact same. I mean it started out the same.

(It shows a flashback from sumber break).

Randy: Then a week ago, something epic happened!

Video Game Speaker: Congratulation. You have punched all the graves.

Randy: Then something epic-er happened!

Randy: The You are the Ninja. Oh. My swee-heet! I have to tell Howard! You can't tell anyone. Aw, that's wonk!

Randy: Listen, I don't know how it works, but the Ninja suit is the straight up cheese. It lets me do things I could never, ever do.

Randy: It's pretty much the coolest thing ever! Only problem is, I can't tell anyone. Not even my best friend!

Mr. Bannister: Pencils down!

Randy: And now I'm realizing, this probably wasn't the best topic for my essay!

(Randy tears up his paper).

Mr. Bannister: What's this supposed to be?

Randy: Uh, my commentary on the fleeting nature of summer?

Mr. Bannister: Mmmm exelent use of metaphors!

Randy: Aced it!

Mr. Bannister: I'll give you a B.

Randy: B-ced it!

Bucke: Go away Bash! I don't want a wedgie!

Bash: I already gave you a wedgie! I'm just wanna give you your change!

Howard: Can we talk about this Ninja situation?

Randy: Uh, Ninja situation, there is no Ninja situation!

Howard: Exactly! The no Ninja situation! We've been in Norrisville High for two days, and we haven't seen this guy once!

Randy: I think he jas to wait for, like, a monster, or a robot to attack.

Howard: Why aren't you madder about this. We are his number one fans!

Randy: I mean, it's not like he can just smoke bomb-on-by for a meet n'greet. Or...can he?

The Sorcerer: You assured me you would destroy the Ninja!

Hanniball McFist: But I haven't seen him all summer! Have you seen him, Viceroy?

Viceroy: I haven't seen him! Then again he is a ninja, so it's still kind of his dealio.

Hanniball McFist: We have a plan. The second he pokes his little Ninja head out of his little Ninja hidey hole, bam! Destroyed!

The Sorcerer: (Screams) Do. Not. Fail. Me.

(Viceroy and Hanniball scream)

Women on the phone: Mr. McFist, your wife is on the line.

Hanniball McFist: (Struggles to pick up the phone, eventually does, followed by a deep breath). Hey sugar face! I'm a teensy bit busy here! Of course! I'll meet you there honey cakes! (Grunting) How am I supposed to run an evil empire, when my stepson, keeps getting in trouble, at school!

Viceroy: Kids.

Hanniball Viceroy: Just get down to your lab and build be something deadly, something dangerous, something with a cup holder! (His robot arm destroys the cup on a cup holder). You know what. Forget the cup holder. Just make it deadly...

Viceroy: Mm-hm...

Howard: (Finishes his food, looks at Randy's). Cunningham, I know your in the can, but if you don't want me to eat your taterlumps, just say so.

Randy (As The Ninja): Smoke bomb! Hello students! ''Tis I, the Ninja!

Howard: Yes! Finally! Ninja! Hey, (I don't know what he said) Cunningham, the Ninja just showed up!

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