The Land of Shadows
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Statues floating in the Land of Shadows.


The Sorceress
The Peddler (formerly)
Evil Julian (formerly)
Julian (formerly)
Randy Cunningham (temporarily)
Howard Weinerman (temporarily)

The Land of Shadows is a place that the Sorceress was banished there by the First Ninja in 1209, as seen in "Sorcerer in Love". She escaped 800 years later, only to be banished again by Randy Cunningham in "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge".

Later, the evil version of Julian, who was created by a Chaos Pearl, gets trapped there after Randy and Howard tricked him in "Julian's Birthday Surprise." In "Snow-Klahoma!", Evil Julian switches places with Julian, leaving Julian trapped in the Land of Shadows and Evil Julian roaming free in Norrisville. In "Ball's Well That Friends Well", Randy and Howard also get trapped there, but they escape, along with Julian and the Peddler, the Sorcerer's former human self.

According to Scott Thomas in a Tumblr post, the Land of Shadows is one of nine dark realms.

Places of Interest

  • The Hazard-Filled Swine Field: A field filled with pigs' faces and butts, the butts occasionally farting.
  • The Strange and Ojurest Cliff Faces: Cliffs with rocks shaped like faces that can suck things and people.
  • The Creepy and Grotesque Sea of Larva: A sea that is filled with creepy and grotesque larva.
  • Cave: A dark and ominous cave that is inhabited by the Peddler and a bull-like monster with a portal in his body.


  • The Sorcerer and the Sorceress can combine their magic to create a portal to the Land of Shadows. The Sorceress is also able to create a portal by herself.
  • 800 years after her banishment, the Sorceress escaped the Land of Shadows, but it's unknown how she did it and if she can or will do it again.
  • Noodle-like creatures come up the portal, grab victims, and pull them down into the Land of Shadows. Like the Sorceress, Randy is nearly dragged into the Land of Shadows twice, but Howard saves him both times.
  • Images or spirits of unknown creatures can be seen swirling around in the portal.
  • The actual Land of Shadows is seen in "Julian's Birthday Surprise." It is also shown that the Land of Shadows may be where the Chaos Pearls originated from.


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