Lake LaRusso
Lake LaRusso is the lake behind Norrisville High in Norrisville.


It is commonly used for the school's wave slaying relay games, as shown in "Wave Slayers". This lake also seems to be connected to the Norrisville Van Dam, as seen in "The Ninja Supremacy".

McFist and Viceroy brought Shark-Dermanator to the lake in order to make it go to sleep and not attack them. When drought season hit Norrisville and caused the lake to dry up, Viceroy created the McFlume waterslide to send water to the lake and prevent the shark's return, which initially failed due to the Ninja's interference.


  • As with Mt. Chuck and Norrisville having connections to martial artist Chuck Norris, Lake LaRusso might have a connection to Daniel LaRusso, the name of the main character in the film The Karate Kid.


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