• The only dish you know comes with sausage and extra cheese.
  • Its the DEEP DISH with Howard "Double Dip" Weinerman! WHOOO!
  • That was pretty juicy. I'll give you a splart!
  • You know who the ninja is?!
  • Howard! I knew you didn't know! Ugh...
  • If you wonk this up I will webcast that video of you two taking a bath together.
  • My guitar is missing! Has anyone seen it? Its light pink with dark pink skulls and a strap that says "Heidi Wienerman" in hot pink letters.
  • Zombies are hot this year. They're everywhere. Literally, everywhere.
  • What the juice, Howard?!?!?!? Kinda doing a live gossip report here.
  • Will you butt-punchers keep it down? I'm trying to study for my driver's test!
  • Hey peeps! It's your best BFF, Heidi! STATUS UPDATE! Due to the fact that my judges have decided to try out for the talent show instead of judging it like they promised.....auditions are postponed indefinitely.
  • What up, P-diddlies? It's your BF on the beach, H-dub, comin' at you live from Lake LaRusso! Here's the lowdown on the lineup! Leading off on the tube run, it's Hank 'XJ' Peterson! Putting a beatdown on the buoys is Speedboat Sam Healy! Followed by Doug 'The Tug' Jiminski on the raging ramp! And anchoring the final sprint is our own....HOWARD WEINERMAN? ARE WE TRYING TO LOSE THIS ONE?
  • NORRISVILLE WINS BY A NOSE! And my brother, Howard 'Fart Power' Weinerman, had nothing to do with it! Big shocker there.
  • "But you look like MY MOM!"
  • (screams) I barely even know Andy
  • Heidi: Please Teasey-Feasey you can't do this! We're total BFFrs! 
  •         Ninja: (appears) Smokebomb
  •         Heidi:  Oh Ninja! YOU GOTTA WASTE THIS CHICK!
  • I guess Sandy's not such a bad guy after all
  • Heidi: "I'm your host, heeyoo, Heidi Weinerman. With me, because my mom said I had to, is Howard." Howard: "Double dip!" Heidi: "Nobody even remembers that!"

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