Gene Levine
Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Occupation Exterminator
Residence Norrisville
First Episode Monster Dump

Gene Levine is an exterminator that was called by Viceroy to dispose of all the "disgusting and useless blobs" which Viceroy had created. He later appears in "On the Poolfront" to build the Weinerman's pool

He takes all of the blobs to Mount Chuck, including Nicholas, by accident. He is upset when Viceroy threw away his contract since it is important to him. He helps to lower Viceroy down to the volcano to save Nicholas, but when his rope brokes, Gene leaves instead of saving him.

in "On the Poolfront" he builds (for the first time) a pool for the Weinermans that Mort Weinerman ordered. While on the phone, Howard has little patience with Gene, who keeps getting into Howard's business. In the end, Mort loses the money needed to build the pool, and Gene destroys it.


Monster Dump

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