Franz Nukid

Franz Normal

Franz Half Robot

Franz Full Robot

Character information
Gender Male
Species Android
Hair color Very Light Blonde
Eye color Sapphire Blue
Affiliations Evil
Parents Viceroy (invented him)
First Episode Nukid on the Block

Franz Nukid  was a robot created by Viceroy to infiltrate Norrisville High in search of the Ninja's true identity in the episode "Nukid on the Block". To this end, he was built with a microphone in his finger which was used to collect voice samples of all the students at Norrisville High. These samples were then compared to a recorded sample of the Ninja's voice to find a match.

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Viceroy explains he used the adorablilty of a bunny, naiveness of a koala, and the weaseliness of a weasel to create him. Although Viceroy states Franz wasn't created for combat, Franz briefly battles and manages to overpower Randy, and nearly shoves him into an excessively large vat of boiling chili sauce.

Franz has a German accent and wears a green long-sleeved sweater with dark green diamonds and brown shorts. Franz also wears a brown hat with a red feather, which Howard takes later. He has blond hair and blue eyes, along with freckles. After having the chili sauce spill on his face, his robot face is shown. He is destroyed by the Ninja and Howard after being tossed into chili sauce.


  • The scene where Franz is destroyed by falling into a vat of chili (and Franz himself) is likely a reference to The Terminator.
  • Franz is the first villain to successfully learn the Ninja's identity, although he is unsuccessful in sharing this information with his creators, who attempt to download the information remotely. This download process is interrupted and cancelled when Franz was destroyed.
  • In "Escape from Scrap City", his robot self is seen in the history of Scrap City, but his parts are inactive.

Images and Appearances

Nukid on the Block



  • "Hello! Now you say hello!"
  • "Goodbye ninja! Now you say goodbye!"
  • "Excellent hello! You win!"
  • "Hello ninja!"
  • "McFist is uploading my data! I win!"

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