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This is a gallery for fan pictures. Please add them here instead of mixing them with other galleries. READ THE FANART POLICIES BEFORE ADDING ANYTHING TO THE GALLERY Also read Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Wiki:Guidelines/Fanart Sections to know which section to put your fanart in.

Randy Cunningham


With Howard Weinerman

With the NinjaNomicon

With Other Characters

Howard Weinerman


With Other Characters



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Other Characters

Theresa Fowler

Bucky Hensletter


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Heidi Weinerman

More Solo Characters

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  • Oto

Multiple Characters

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  • RCNGN Sailor Moon-from DollDivine
  • Theresa heidi and debbie by erohd-d7a3ia5.jpg
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  • Princess Kitty McFist
  • The Face Of Fear
  • The Key Of Kindness
  • Queen Ruby Cunningham
  • Heroines
  • My thoughts on one of the past ninjas - 1972/1973
  • For Mother Zombie
  • Kitty by SweetlyStarShineGo to
  • Ruby CunninghamGo to
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  • Omega X the Hedgehog (by Omegasonic2000)

OC Character Sheets

  • Kitty McFist Line art


Joke Images


Fan Videos

Dangan Ronpa Randy Cunningham Crossover00:24

Dangan Ronpa Randy Cunningham Crossover

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