Evil Julian
Character information
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Bright blue
Residence Land of Shadows (formerly)
Norrisville (formerly)
Aliases Evil Cyborg Julian
Enemies Julian
Randy Cunningham
The Sorcerer
First Episode Julian's Birthday Surprise
Latest Level Ball's Well That Friends Well

I swear death to you!

–Evil Julian, " Winner Takes Ball"

Evil Julian is the evil version of Julian created by Julian's contact with a power ball. He is one of the main antagonists of Season 2, along with The Sorcerer


Everyday Form

Evil Julian resembles Julian, but the dark purple colors in regular Julian turn white, and Evil Julian has bright blue eyes. The lightning-shaped necklace also becomes a skull-shaped necklace, and the skull in front of his hat gains a hat itself.

Monster Form

When Evil Julian transforms into a monster, the tails in tailcoat act as legs with oversized arms. His face slightly resembles a skull and less spidery, and there's three lines underneath each eye. When the Norrisville Ninja tries to stab Shadow Julian's hat, the hat does not break. The tails in his tailcoat can regenerate from an attack. From 'mastermind of disastermind' onward, Randy calls him "Evil Cyborg Julian", as Evil Julian encases himself in machinery to give himself an advantage.


He was created in "Julian's Birthday Surprise". Evil Julian was trapped in the Land of Shadows, but in "Snow-Klahoma!," he switched places with Julian, leaving the normal Julian trapped in the Land of Shadows and Evil Julian free in Norrisville. In "Mastermind of Disastermind," Evil Julian gained possession of one of the balls. After "Winner Takes Ball," he had all of them, but he lost them after Randy and Sorcerer defeated him in "Ball's Well That Friends Well".

When Julian returns from the Land of Shadows, he and Evil Julian merged together, supposedly making Evil Julian cease to exist.


Evil Julian is a power-hungry, chaotic person whose mannerism is similar to Julian. Unlike the quieter and generally friendlier Julian, Evil Julian is demanding, impatient, and violent.


  • Evil Julian appears on the season 2 poster, holding a pearl with Randy and Howard inside while grinning maliciously.
  • He has the ability to change himself into a monster at will and back again, needing no stank.
  • Evil Julian is stronger physically than normal Julian, as stated by Randy, and might even possess inhuman strength.
  • Evil Julian and the Sorcerer are similar, both losing their normal selves to the Land of Shadows due to weak will and becoming evil, chaotic beings.
  • Some fans refer to him as "Ghoulian".
  • He might be an alternate personality or subconsciousness of Julian.


Julian's Birthday Surprise


Mastermind of Disastermind

Winner Takes Ball