A device make by Jerry while spending time with Mrs.Marilyn Driscoll. He was found out by Willem Viceroy, and wasn't able to finish the device until Randy accidentally brought him back to life years later. Mr. Driscoll almost succeeded in blowing up the world, but Mrs. Driscoll stopped him, and he deactivated it. It appears that Viceroy took the doomsday device afterwards. It is shown to be versatile and destroy anything like atoms, people, buildings, city, world and universe. McFist and Viceroy initially use it to destroy Norrisville full of zombies, but when McFist remembers in horror that he forgot Marci, he breaks the machine to destroy an atom. After a revolting turn of events, they use it to destroy the Boom-yum Factory instead, which was were the McFizzles were created.

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