• Debbie can speak Spanish fluently, thanks to the Hypno-Spanish audio.
  • She is considered the best player on the Norrisville Chess Team, as shown in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit".
  • She was stanked for the first time in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit". She transformed into a hedgehog-like monster.
  • The official Disney XD website misspelled her name as "Debby". The staff over on the official 9thGradeNinja Tumblr blog have confirmed that the correct spelling is "Debbie," however.
  • Her design is based off of Jayden Ngo, the color stylist for RC9GN.
  • In "Sorcerer in Love", she's sitting next to Morgan in Mr. Bannister's class.
    • In a deleted moment, she's watching the boys fawn over Amanda with Flute Girl, Morgan, and Theresa, looking annoyed.
  • In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", Debbie is part of Principal Slimovitz's underground resistance that raids Charlie Cluckers.
  • She is the only student that bothered to save her plant in "Dawn of the Driscoll".
  • She's revealed to be the editor and investigative reporter for the NHGTTWDPC online edition in "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim"
    • According to Howard, she's the youngest member.
  • At the end of "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim", she makes it her goal to find out the Ninja's secret identity.
    • She learns that it is Randy in "Debbie Meddle" and reveals it to Norrisville High, but Randy and Howard fool them into believing she is false and her memory of his identity is mindwiped with the NinjaNomicon.
  • As seen in "Everybody Ninj-along", she can play the violin.
  • Debbie is the second person outside of the Ninja to enter the Nomicon, the first being Howard.
  • Debbie shares the same last name as Jasmine Kang from I Didn't Do It, who is also portrayed by Piper Curda.

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