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  • Umm...if Howard's not gonna hold that hand, I'll take it.
  • He wasn't scared. Guys don't get scared. Right, Randy? 
  • Listen I know this sounds stupid but that ride was really freaky would you walk us home?
  • I'm not missing my curfew for this, let's get out of here.
  • You don't think anybody'd be stupid enough to eat them now right? 
  • Turno! It's turn with an O after it!
  • Smokebomb me home, Ninja.
  • Yea, why that is? Looks like I found my next expose for the Norrisville High Gazette Time Tribute Weekly Daily Press Chronicles- online edition.
  • Ninja? What are you doing here?
  • Cut to the chase, Ninja.
  • Come on Ninja, what kind of frozen soup on a stick comes with a warning label? Something's fishy.
  • Just because something's delicious, doesn't mean it's safe.
  • But can I quote you?
  • (coughing) What is it now, Ninja?
  • So you don't love them?
  • "Soupcicles: Delicious or Deadly"?!
  • "Unsafecicles". Good stuff! Listen, if this Ninja thing doesn't work out for ya, you come work for me.
  • (coughing) Are you kidding me?!
  • I'm gonna find out.
  • Define bad.
  • Debbie Kang, for the N-H-G-T-T-W-D-P-C online edition. We ask the questions people want answered.
  • Like, what happens when you eat more than two soupcicles in a day?
  • It's true.
  • Mr. McFist! Can I get an exclusive interview about the mutant soup you put in Norrisville High?!
  • Is he doing the pee-pee dance?
  • I'm not okay!! If anybody cares!
  • To stop the corrupt principle's ban on flumed hats, folk hero, Le Beret, fought back with feathers.
  • Thus the feather rebellion of 1793 reestablished the status quill. (laugh) VIVA LE BERET.
  • This is the kind of injustice Le Beret fought against. If he were here, he would fight for us!
  • Look everybody! It was Le Beret!
  • Le Beret lives! And he, or she, will taste sweet salty justice.
  • Viva la Cake Frites!
  • It's Le Beret!
  • No! Let him swim in it for a while, that'll change his tune!
  • The oppression of Principle Slimovitz will not stand! Give us cake fries or give us-(gasp) Ninja?! You here to join the cause? We're having a sit in after school!
  • I'm flattered, but I'm not Le Beret.
  • I like what he, or she, stands for. But it's not me.
  • Howard Wienerman is Le Beret?!
  • It's just, I- I never thought of you as a, rebel hero before. It's kinda bruce.
  • Did you do this?!
  • Come on guys! Le Beret was there for us, we need to be here for him!
  • (in story) They just kidnapped the Ninja.
  • (in story) You caught me.
  • (in story) Who else could it be? It must be him.
  • (in story) He did it! He saved us!
  • Howard?! That epic fart earlier was you?!
  • Because you're disgusting!

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