• Bucky is the first person seen stanked on the show.
  • Bucky plays the triangle in the school band, making him the school band's percussionist
  • Bucky holds the record for the most times Stank'd in the series:
  • He was one of the few characters designed by Jhonen Vasquez that actually turned out with the same design as the concept sketch.
  • He wears briefs with his name written on them (seen in "Der Monster Klub"). He also brings back-up underpants to school ("The Ninja Supremacy").
  • Besides the school's gym uniform, Bucky has not worn any other outfit besides his marching band attire. This most likely indicates how dedicated he is to marching band.
  • He seems to be quite the teachers pet
  • He also seems to be the target of alot of bullying and the butt of some of the show's jokes.
  • Despite his goody-goody nature, he has skipped class before. He has unfortunately gotten in trouble for it as seen in the clip from "Escape from Detention Island".
  • He skipped class because he thought there was going to be a meteor shower during the day, but instead it was a flock of geese who pooped on him. (seen in "Escape from Detention Island")
  • He seems to be very interested in geology. In fact, it is one of his strong suits as revealed in "Escape from Detention Island".
  • He admires the ninja so much that he excused everything Bash has ever done to him when he was tricked into thinking he was the ninja (seen in "Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja")
  • Any chance he gets, he will make some kind of pun. He refers to any joke or pun he makes as a "zing".
    • It starts off with a clever pun only to next say a less funny follow-up fast joke based on reality, then he says "zing".
  • He is part of the Chess Club.
  • Other Norrisville High Students such as Bash Johnson rely on Bucky to do their homework for them (as seen in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon".
  • It is canonly confirmed that Bucky indeed has a crush on Flute Girl
  • Bucky's worst fear is a Minotaur playing smooth jazz on a bugle horn. The smooth jazz is even more fearful to him if it is played on a Soprano Sax, which he has said is the most fearsome of all woodwinds
  • It was said in at the San Diego Comiccon Panel with Grey DeLisle, Scott Menville, and other voice actors that in a future episode Bucky kisses Flute Girl.
  • He paired up with Dave for gym class in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key".
  • Though he is intelligent, he can be easily decieved by others. An example of this is when Bash Johnson cried and hugged him believing Mac Antfee's "you-splosion" actually changed him. Bucky cried and hugged Bash back, also believing he was actually a changed person.
  • He, alongside Dickie, seems to be the only two students whose clothes remain destroyed after being destanked.
  • Psycho-Bot learned fear from Bucky.
  • As of All the Juice That's Fish to Swim bucky is no longer considered by Debbie Kang as the possible identity of the ninja, making him one of the first knocked off her list.
  • He's clothes did not return to normal when he was stanked at the first episode.
  • He likes his triangle as his life

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