• "But the triangle's my life!"
  • "You can take my dinger, but you'll never take my back up dinger!"
  • "If I can't play triangle in the band, then no one will!"
  • "Zing!"
  • "Double Zing!"
  • "You do make a convincing zing."
  • You betrayed me with WORDPLAY Randy.
  • "But you said you wanted the gift of tunes for Christmas!"
  • "Delicious zing, Mr. D!"
  • "Aww stupid monster hands, I'm all claws!"
  • "If I lose the character I'll never get it back!"
  • "Permission to cower in your game hole, sir?!"
  • "I'm not touching that zing!"
  • "Rough sanding! hee hee Beach Zing!"
  • "eEEE I'm not good with heights!"
  • "Oh wait uuhh I know this!"
  • "So all year I've been getting wedgies from a hero? What an honor!"
  • "Oh, that book looked like it had non-school board approved ideas in it."
  • "I'd hate to even suggest this, but are you TRYING to kill us?"
  • "ROOK who's talkin' now! CHESS ZING~!"
  • "Eh, so-so zing, ninja"
  • "That robot made me permanently ruin my good underwear"
  • "Ehhh... mediocre zing... HAHA Classic Ninja!"
  • "This does not bode well for my emergency underpants!"
  • "Ninja! WE'RE SAVED!"
  • "Uh... Ninja... you look... weird"
  • "Double zing for the win!!!"
  • "Ooh I really tooted my own horn there hee hee BUTT jumping zing!"
  • "Riding in a limo with you has been a life-long goal. Hee hee Soccer zing~"
  • "He's way ahead of you! Decapitation zing~!"
  • Hate to zing my own praises, but if you're into laughs, I'm you're fella!
  • What do you know? My first party is also my last.
  • Say hello to our newest hero.
  • Ninja no show zing~!
  • I'm terrified of dogs and mystery doors, not a good night for me.
  • (lets go of Randy's hand) Well I do! (holds Howard's hand) I'll follow you anywhere oh hero my hero.
  • That's a bottomless pit.
  • And Howard saved the ninja.

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