• "I'm gonna crush you like a thing that crushes other things"
  • "No, you run!"
  • "Shoob!"
  • "It's the number C!"
  • "Zip-up kicks are for shoobies!"
  • "Get those dorks!"
  • "Who my bros, yo?"
  • "Sit on this, 'cause it's a chair, and you sit on it!"
  • "Look! I'm stuck in a sticky stringy thing that came from a spider's butt!"
  • "That guy? I hate that guy! Get that guy!"
  • "I'm the ninja? I'M THE NINJA!"
  • "Get off of me! I gave it to that guy who does everyone's homework!"
  • "What's that you're holding? Papers? NOT ANYMORE!"
  • "No! Your name is 'OOHH OOHH AH AH' "
  • "You ran into me, now I gotta be mean to you"
  • "You confused me with your dancing"
  • I'm gonna leave you alone until I figure out what your deal is
  • I'M ESCAPEING !!! ( runs out )

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